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About Us

Solution for Crowdfunding & Blockchain Investment

Let’s Prosper Technology (“LPT”) is an innovative social cause-driven, blockchain technology company. Our vision is to give access to large investment opportunities to as many investors as possible, through the tokenization of the underlying assets, using LPT’s innovative blockchain technology – BlockChain², and presenting them using a crowdfunding platform. 

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Secure and Profitable

Experienced Team

LPT is founded by an experienced team of entrepreneurs and professionals.

Profitable System

Crowdfunding has proven to be an effective platform to raise money from retail investors.

Blockchain Support

The platform is backed by the most advanced blockchain technology.

Our Technology

The Technology Behind

BlockChain² is a robust blockchain platform that solves the key challenges of existing blockchain technologies – which straddles between centralization and decentralization and all of the risks involved. BlockChain² aims to take the best part of private and public blockchains, allowing us to build a trusted platform to tokenize property ownership.

How it Works

How does the Platform Work?

LPT technology advantage: Crowdfunding + BlockChain²

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